The priority of the summer!

Looks like I am going to see Dream Theater much sooner that I expected… if I`ll ever get there!

The European summer leg of DREAM THEATER `s CHAOS IN MOTION – WORLD TOUR 2007/2008 includes one show in Budapest. It will take place at the Petofi Csarnok, on the sixth of June.

Check out if Dream Theater is performing anywhere near you at

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Romania doubles EU`s Brown Bear population

As humans have occupied more and more land in Europe, the brown bear (Ursus arctos) has become much less common. Bears have been seen as a threat to human safety and to livestock. While bears were once found all over Europe, they are now extinct in many areas, and the main populations are now concentrated in the Carpathian and Dinaric-Pindos ranges of southeastern Europe, and in the northeast of Europe including Russia and Fennoscandia.

Now, with Romania`s accession, the brown bear population reaches a value of 13.500-16.000 individuals, of which 7.500-8.000 are inhabitants of Romanian forests.

As poaching is still a threath in the EU, please support any action that aims the protection of brown bears.