Romanian hero dies at Virginia Tech

genpic.jpgLiviu Librescu, survivor of the Holocaust and professor of Virginia Tech University, was shot to death in the asalt. His students say that the professor died trying to protect them: he barricadated the class allowing his students to escape, just before he got shoot.

He was awarded a p.m. medal [The Star of Romania] by President Basescu.

Our deepest thoughts to the famillies of the 23 victims.

4 thoughts on “Romanian hero dies at Virginia Tech

  1. deci spuneam intr-un alt comment care s-a pierdut in valurile internetului

    uite cit de stupide pot fi legile referitoare la purtatul armelor, in virginia:

    State law restricts juveniles under 18 from possessing handguns or assault weapons without parental permission or authorized supervision. But there are no restrictions on juveniles possessing other rifles or shotguns.

    State law restricts selling or giving handguns to juveniles under 18, and other firearms to juveniles under 12. There are no limits on selling or giving kids 12 or older rifles, shotguns or even assault weapons – without even parental permission.

    State law forces police chiefs and state sheriffs to give concealed carry permits (CCW) to anyone who can buy a handgun, allowing them to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public (known as �shall issue�). Police may not even require safety training in the legal or safe use of weapons for CCW applicants. State law allows residents of some other states to carry concealed weapons in this state without informing local police.

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