Sad Sad Movie

What is our final destination? If we abandon the present moment, our final destination may be our death.

We don’t want to arrive there, we want to go in the direction of life.


Zambeste trist, cu raze reci,

Sperantelor desarte,

In veci iubi-o-vei, in veci

Va ramanea departe.

S`a-tale zile or fi cum sunt,

Pustii ca niste stepe,

Iar noptile de-un farmec sfant

De nu-l mai poti pricepe

One thought on “Sad Sad Movie

  1. Sadly thrusts from the worlds which from
    My soul his cold ray bar…
    I shall love her for ever and
    For ever she’ll rove far.

    Like the unmeasured steppes my days
    Are deaf and wild, therefore,
    But my nights spread a holy charm
    I understand no more!

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