Teenager from Finland makes natural selection with a gun!

Yahoo! News and AOL News report that a 18 year old teenager entered into a public school in Tuusula, near Helsinki, FINLAND, with a gun and shoot to death 7 people. the young man declared previously that “I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection“.



we see that the theory of “we evolved from animals, we are just animals and we shall behave as animals” is a philosophy that poisons the minds of youth. when one thinks that there is no God, actions like this will occure. sadly, the parliamentary assembly of the European Council has previously decided that creationism should not be teached in schools.


2 thoughts on “Teenager from Finland makes natural selection with a gun!

  1. Masacrul de la Liceul Jokela este primul de acest tip din istoria Finlandei. Singurul incident comparabil, ca numar de victime, s-a produs in urma cu cinci ani, intr-un mall din Helsinki, unde un tanar a detonat o bomba. Atacul s-a soldat cu sapte morti, inclusiv tanarul-kamikaze.

    Spre deosebire de ceea ce se intampla in SUA, in Europa, atacurile armate in scoli sunt rare. Cel mai grav s-a produs in 2002 la o scoala din Erfurt, Germania, unde un elev exmatriculat a ucis 17 persoane, dintre care 14 profesori.

    In 1996, in Scotia, un somer de 44 de ani a intrat intr-o scoala din Dunblane, omorand 16 copii si un adult.

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