Why I skipped “Xmas”!


yeah… I know, is already a cliche to say that Christmas is not “what it used to be”. To say that it has become something artificial, a celebration of consumerism. The supermarkets are packed with people, people buying anything… I remembered what Daniel (POS) says “the magic really … Don’t come with a Mercedes Benz, Or a wide screen showing nothing, Showing nothing…”.

anyways, I remembered what a friend has told me when seeing me skipping “X-mas”. she said that I take out the most important thing from Christmas, and that is Christ. I have done that subconsciously but she was right. We deleted Christ and substituted Him with … whatever, you name it. An X.

so I skipped X-mas and I had a wonderful CHRIST-mas.


Dinozaurii Argentinei la Antipa!

Pana in luna iunie a anului 2008 la Muzeul Antipa are loc expozitia DINOZAURII din ARGENTINA – URIASII PATAGONIEI.

Daca voi ajunge prin Bucuresti si voi avea timp sigur voi face o vizita pentru a vedea scheletele acestor reptile magnifice.

Giganotosaurus carolini                Carnotaurus sastrei


Tuarangisaurus cabazai


Alte detalii la http://www.antipa.ro/pexpozitii.php

Neal Morse New Album!

A great news! according to Neal`s official home page: Neal, Mike and Randy recently finished up prinicipal recording for Neal’s new prog album. They were joined by the original musicians from Testimony, and unnanounced special guests!


After Sola Scriptura beeing the fastest selling Neal Morse album, I look forward of seeing this new prog masterpiece.

GOD Bless You, Neal!

The “before Christmas” INPUT

aren`t they cool? 😀 KevMo RULZ!

This year`s “before Christmas” input are: FREE (sp ed) and GHOST BOOK [2 of each].
you know, it is some adrenaline in buying new stuff… especially prog. but it tends to decrease in intensity if experienced too often and that is why I try to compensate by buying rarely 🙂

a Touch of Poetry, as follows 😛

… I was feeling that it was all gone now, feeling kinda lonely and wondering if I cud handle a bigger wave. I mean I have a simple life, after all. And most important I am free! Once, home was good in our town, but now I d be better if I d go. It was the same old war and everything was kicking inside me. I had the idea to set it on fire but then I just remained calm. `I wish you were more communicant with me… I m sure you will in the end... when you re ready. I ll wait for you…`


ps – again the postal company (posta romana) has proved it s limits. its services really SUCK!!

Grupa Romaniei la EURO 2008


Am nimerit cu Olanda, Italia si Franta. 🙂

o grupa super as zice eu… pe olandezi i am batut in calificari, o vom putea face din nou. pe francezi va trebui sa i batem si in preliminariile Cupei Mondiale din 2010, asa ca de ce sa nu i obisnuim de pe acum ?! 🙂 iar macaronarilor ar trebui sa le dam o lectie de fairplay.

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