Why I skipped “Xmas”!


yeah… I know, is already a cliche to say that Christmas is not “what it used to be”. To say that it has become something artificial, a celebration of consumerism. The supermarkets are packed with people, people buying anything… I remembered what Daniel (POS) says “the magic really … Don’t come with a Mercedes Benz, Or a wide screen showing nothing, Showing nothing…”.

anyways, I remembered what a friend has told me when seeing me skipping “X-mas”. she said that I take out the most important thing from Christmas, and that is Christ. I have done that subconsciously but she was right. We deleted Christ and substituted Him with … whatever, you name it. An X.

so I skipped X-mas and I had a wonderful CHRIST-mas.


5 thoughts on “Why I skipped “Xmas”!

  1. Eu o sa scriu in romaneste, pt ca mi-e mai usor asa, stii vreau sa-ti spun ca sunt de acord cu tine legat de Cumparaturi de Craciun, noi ca blegii am uitat ce e aia o sarbatoare si nu stim sa ne bucuram in adevaratul sens al cuvantului de: Nasterea Lui Iisus, acuma d c e sarbatoare la romani e zi de cumparaturi(adica toti ne ingramadim sa mai prindem ceva Made in china, ca asa ne place noua)
    sincer cred ca in fiecare an roamnii se prostesc tot mia mult asta e si eu sunt roman si cred ca o sa o iau si eu pe urma celorlalti……………….

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