Item#1: Echinolampas


Echinolampas sideview.jpg

Genul Echinolampas (echinid exociclic) este caracteristic Bazinului Tranilvaniei. Corespunde perioadei Eocene. Exemplarul expus a fost gasit pe Valea Somesului Mic in calcarele ce corespund unitatatii litostratigrafice a Calcarului de Cluj (Hofmann, 1879).

Dimensiuni: 7 x 6,5 x 4,5 cm; greutate: 150 g. [size.jpg]

The genus presented here is an sub-circular echinoid which is typical for the Transylvanian Basin. It is dated from the Eocene. The individual you see in the picture was found in Somesul Mic Valley in limestones from the litostratigraphic unit of Cluj Limestone.

The photos can be used if source is acknowledged. Β 

14 thoughts on “Item#1: Echinolampas

  1. imi place ca or iesit super bine pozele… se vad clar placile ambulacrare si interambulacrare; si chiar si porii se vad πŸ™‚

  2. io am cartea, nu=mi tre scanaju, desi daca imi aduc bine aminte il am de la rares care il are de la nu stiu ce american. scanaju zic. dupa aia numa am luat noi oanu si am vazut cartea. dupa ce am avut scanatele de la asi.

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