Item#10 Dacit tip Hentz/ Dacite

dacit-negru.jpg black-dacite.jpg

Dacitul este o rocă magmatică descrisă pentru prima dată în România. Compoziţia este de la intermediară la acidă, plasându-se între andezit şi riolit. Structura este porfirică, apar cristale de feldspaţi plagioclazi şi cuarţ, crtistalele mafice (piroxeni, horblendă, biotit) apărând într-o matrice vitroasă. Cristalele se pot observa şi în imaginea de jos.

Mostra din imagine este dacitul negru de la Henţ (Bologa). În această carieră se exploatează dacit de o calitate excepţională.

Dacite is an igneous rock described for the first time in Romania. It`s name comes from the land of Dacia. The composition is from intermediary to acid, between andesite and rhyolite. The texture is porphyritic with large crystals of plagioclase and feldspar; the mafic crystals (pyroxene, hornblende, biotite) occur in a glassy matrix.

The presented sample is the famous black dacite from Henţ. It is world known for it`s exceptional quality.

Minerale mafice si felsice

The photos can be used provided the source is acknowledged.

chroma – hell mary

I see the sky
Its becoming a very very bright red
Almost an aurora… A red aurora
And Its like I’m suspended
And the light is so bright it hurts my eyes
And I see this huge ball
Now in the center its…
Its A gray colored ball

1st year of blogging


Well, today I have came a full year`s circle with my blog. 😀

As I said to david , this also is an indicator of time passing. But I hope I am a bit smarter (not only older) and I have fulfilled my goal. The message to the world remains the same:

“Turn to the light
Don’t be frightened of the shadows it creates
Turn to the light
Turning away would be a terrible mistake”

Liger proves “kinds”!


An animal trainer from Ekaterinburg (Russia) is now known for his extravaganza of raising a liger cub in his flat! The news made the internet.

A liger is a cross between a male lion (Phantera leo) and a female tiger (Panthera tigris). The female liger can produce fertile offspring. The lion and the tiger do not mate in the wild because the first lives in the African savanna and the later in SE Asia (endangered, only a few hundred individuals left). But as recorded, the two species can interbreed. This is in accordance with the biblical account of created kinds (the Hebrew word baramin). It means that from an original created type of cat (say, Protofelis) several genus of cat may have developed due to the genetic plasticity and natural selection: Phantera, Felis, Acinonyx, Smilodon, etc. The evolutionist view proposes an unknown imaginary ancestor form which all 40 actual cat species emerged since 11 mya.

AiG cat tree here.

Either way, todays cats are only degenerate mutants of the first cat couple, as can be seen below. :)))


Photo credit: Liger cub – xbannanadancex via Photobucket, Lira- News photo, Cat-Google images

Response to an atheist


I was browsing through an atheist forum and saw this signature “God loves me so much that He will leave me burn in hell if I don`t obey Him” (my strikethrough + I do not remember if the capitols were present 🙂 )

I would say that God respects your freewill so much that even though He gave His only born Son to die for your sins, He will not force you to love Him. Or consider His sacrifice. Your sincere love means the world to Him.

Unde reciclam hartia in Cluj-Napoca?


Era o vreme cand pubelele pentru colectarea selectiva a hartiei mai erau prezente. Dar unii stimabili cetateni ai clujului au considerat ca sunt de prisos si le-au incendiat pe unele, distrus pe altele. Nici autoritatile sau operatorii de salubritate nu s-au grabit sa le inlocuiasca, probabil si din lipsa de fonduri. Asa ca acum hartia ajunge in gropile de gunoi. Din totalul deseurilor generate, 15% sunt deseuri reciclabile de hartie. Ce se va intampla in continuare…? Pai gradul de poluare a mediului va creste. Daca asta nu impresioneaza multa lumea, atunci mai trebuie stiut ca preturile pentru serviciile de salubritate vor creste (in contextul in care trebuie sa atingem obligatiile de aderare asumate) si lipsa colectarii selective la sursa se va simti in buzunarul cetatenilor.

In manastur am identificat doua centre de colectare a materialelor reciclabile:

punct-colectare-campului.jpg punct-colectare-primaverii.jpg

1. Campului 21 2. Primaverii (spre Flora)