Item#15: Trilobit – Elrathia kingii

In aceasta saptamana am placerea de a va prezenta un exponat deosebit – un trilobit. Trilobitii sunt artropode marine extincte caracteristice Cambrianului Mediu. Exemplarul din imagine este o specie care apare in Cambrianul Mijlociu din Utah in sisturile Wheeler. Are dimensiunea de 12mm si valoreaza $10. 🙂

Incadrarea sistematica:

Order: Ptychopariida
Suborder: Ptychopariina
Suuperamily: Ptychoparioidea
Family: Ptychopariidae
Species: Elrathia kingii

Elrathia kingii only occurs in the Middle Cambrian House Range of Utah and most predominantly in the Wheeler Shale, where they are very abundantly, and found in dark grey to black, and highly organic shales.

© Copyright LiftingShadows 2008 (for the images)

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