10 mai 1905

in aceasta lume se intampla ca textura timpului este lipicioasa. unele parti ale oraselor raman parca lipite intr-un moment al istoriei si nu mai ies. tot astfel, unuii se lipesc de un punct al vietii lor si nu se mai elibereaza. tragedia acestei lumi este ca nimeni nu este fericit, lipit intr-un timp al durerii sau al bucuriei. tragedia acestei lumi este ca toti sunt singuri. caci o viata din trecut nu poate fi impartita cu prezentul. oricine se lipeste in timp, se lipeste singur.

photo by morner

One thought on “10 mai 1905

  1. I feel like a baby that only wants to go to bed with someone to protect him. And when that someone wants to go, to be protected by another bigger soul, he carrefully and silently leaves the baby alone to sleep. And then, the baby will sense that he’s alone again in the dark, but he’s to afraid that he isn’t even able to cry for help.

    So, how do you find someone to protect you all the time? You take the TIME to protect YOU 🙂

    read this: http://agonia.ro/index.php/prose/1801997/print.html
    It was first written in April 2008.

    every scent of creativity that we have comes somewhat from our memories 🙂 From this life, or from previous ones…

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