New Kevin Moore album: OSI III

kevin mOOre and jim matheos are working on their third experimental studio album. this time on drums gavin harrison is announced. wow!!! can`t wait.

UPDATE: Jim Matheos posted on FW website that the release of the yet untitled third OSI album will take place in the spring of 2009. The mixing of the album will start in december this year and will be made by Phill Magnotti, who has mixed for Denis Chambers and Michael Bolton.

15 thoughts on “New Kevin Moore album: OSI III

  1. From:

    “From MTV. com News—-According to, Opeth’s Mikael
    ร…kerfeldt has contributed vocals to a song called “Stockholm” for
    OSI’s upcoming, yet-untitled LP. OSI (an acronym for Office of
    Strategic Influence) feature Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos and
    former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore. The record should land
    in stores sometime next year. The disc will also feature Porcupine
    Tree drummer Gavin Harrison.”

  2. Really looking forward to this album! The last two were phenomenal, so I think this is likely the most I’ve been looking forward to an album in a long time. I wonder if Mikael will sing or growl? Either way is great. Can’t wait!

  3. Kevin is a genius(albeit perhaps a tad mad)- and I never thought there would be a 3rd album- and having Gavin and Mikael along for the ride ensures that it will be better then the 2nd album- though the first was a prog rock orgy that may never be able to be duplicated.

  4. I have been searching all over the WWW for some new info and this much awaited album, just remember who is on – Kevin, Jim, Gavin, Mikael. So there should be stuff, but there is none!

    I do not think that there is something going on with the band or the album, I think it is all about the Record company. Just think about the HUGE delay and the reprogramming of “The Two Deaths…” release by Pain of Salvation!

    I keep visiting every day InsideOut and the OSI site. So hopefully they`ll say something.

  5. on the chroma key site is still nothing, but i’ve found some infos (first on a hungarian site, who understands? ). so the new album’s title will be ‘blood’, and if you google it, you will definitely find a tracklist too. so hope surrounds me again. ๐Ÿ™‚
    and thank you for your replay.

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