Item#24: Belemintes/ belemniti

Belemintii sunt cefalopode disparute cu cochilie interna. Partea dura a cochiliei (de forma unui glonte) este cea care se pastreaza in sediment, belemnitii fiind fosile comune pentru Jurasic si Cretacic. In sectiunea transversala de mai jos se poate observa structura radiara data de fibrele de calcit si linii de crestere concentrice. In imaginea ar putea fi genul Belemnitella din Cretacic.

The belemnites are extinct cephalopodes which had internal shell. The hard part of the shell (bullet-shaped) is the one which is found in jurasic or cretaceous sediments. In cross section the radiar calcite fiber structure can be seen. The specimen presented here might be the genus Belemnitella from cretaceous.

The photos can be used provided the source is acknowledged.

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