Item#25: Amonit: Pavlovia

Amonitii sunt cefalopode disparute cu larga utilizare in datarile biostratigrafice. Ei au trait in Paleozoic si Mezozoic. Genul din imagine, Pavlovia, este caracteristic Jurasicului superior asiatic. Are spira evoluta, crestele de pe spira se bifurca dupa jumatatea acesteia (exemplarul din imagine este unul tanar). Sunt prezente cristalizatii de calcit.

Ammonites are extinct cephalopods with wide use in biostratigraphy. They were present in Paleosoic and Mesosoic eras. Here you can see a young Pavlovia specimen, caractheristic for Upper Jurasic.  It has an evolute whorl, the ribs split on the half of the whorl. Calcite cristalization is present.

The photos can be used provided the source is acknowledged.


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