Could this be a way of the “GOD Of LOVE”?

This chick was pushed out of its nest by its brothers and/or sisters in the “struggle for life”. This is the way natural selections works our days; only the fittest survives and has the chance to give further its genes.

But could this be the process used by GOD? By a personal and loving God? I am refering here to “theistic evolution”, i.e. God used natural selection and mutations (=neodarwinism) to create.

I could agree that natural selection makes use of horible processes only to reveal beauty in the end. But not in God`s world, maybe in ours. He needs nothing between Him and His creation, no intermediary “creator” agent to do His job, at the expense of His Own image. So I cannot see how a scene like this could have taken place in the perfect nature God created. But how could a process like natural selection could have been “tamed” before the Fall? I cannot think of a response… can you?