Dream Theater: Chaos in Motion Artwork

I just received the latest Dream Theater live album- Chaos in motion. I bought the special DELUXE collector`s edition, a brilliant 5-disc set, with 2 Video-DVD`s and 3 Audio-CD`s. It had taken quite a trip: from the United States to Germany then to Targu Mures in Romania and finally to me in Cluj-Napoca. A big thank you to Szabi and David. I was looking forward to see the package… and although I did not expected a lot, I was still very disappointed. This is progressive music so it should be presented as such. In progressive music the special editions are a must. And by that I mean really special editions. But the package and the design let me down … again. Okay, I am thankful for the jewelcase (the discs are not falling all over the place) but is that all? I mean this is a deluxe package: where is the booklet?? Where is ART?! Music is art and definately it should be presented in a great artwork. Becuase buying the work is not only supporting the artist but the record company also. And I am really not happy with what Roadrunner is making. Imagine what would a Special edition would look like for DT at InsideOut. Think of Transatlantic`s special edition “Live in Europe” or Century Media`s release Dark Genesis box set for Iced Earth! But the package design for CHAOS in Motion is really poor and eye-wise. It looks like an amateur`s work. I think also of The aniversary Score package: what a piece of sh|t fiasco that was! Anything but a real aniversary edition. Yuck! Anyway, I feel a bit sorry for not beeing able to get an Insurgents work of art.