Dream Theater: Chaos in Motion Artwork

I just received the latest Dream Theater live album- Chaos in motion. I bought the special DELUXE collector`s edition, a brilliant 5-disc set, with 2 Video-DVD`s and 3 Audio-CD`s. It had taken quite a trip: from the United States to Germany then to Targu Mures in Romania and finally to me in Cluj-Napoca. A big thank you to Szabi and David. I was looking forward to see the package… and although I did not expected a lot, I was still very disappointed. This is progressive music so it should be presented as such. In progressive music the special editions are a must. And by that I mean really special editions. But the package and the design let me down … again. Okay, I am thankful for the jewelcase (the discs are not falling all over the place) but is that all? I mean this is a deluxe package: where is the booklet?? Where is ART?! Music is art and definately it should be presented in a great artwork. Becuase buying the work is not only supporting the artist but the record company also. And I am really not happy with what Roadrunner is making. Imagine what would a Special edition would look like for DT at InsideOut. Think of Transatlantic`s special edition “Live in Europe” or Century Media`s release Dark Genesis box set for Iced Earth! But the package design for CHAOS in Motion is really poor and eye-wise. It looks like an amateur`s work. I think also of The aniversary Score package: what a piece of sh|t fiasco that was! Anything but a real aniversary edition. Yuck! Anyway, I feel a bit sorry for not beeing able to get an Insurgents work of art.

15 thoughts on “Dream Theater: Chaos in Motion Artwork

  1. “I mean this is a deluxe package: where is the booklet??” – my thoughts exactly.

    no live photos, nothing. i’m not complaining about the price, which was ok for a 5 disc set, but take a look at neal morse’s “testimony”, TA’s “live in europe”, pain of salvation’s “be”, or you name it. they all have booklets, and all of them are regular editions.

    seems like “deluxe” meaning is unknown for the guys from roadrunner.

  2. anyway, a deluxe edition should look breathtaking.

    some say that music is important not the artwork and package. the music is important of course, but the way you present your music also matters. otherwise we could just get it from the internet and write it on blank cd’s and dvd’s.

  3. lol. is din ce in ce mai jenanti. sa ii ridice in slavi fenii astia adolescenti care prefera albumele de la ToT incoace, le place. dar daca vrei sa discuti o problema unde nu zici numai de bine despre ei iti sterg postu direct. that’s lame.

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