Item#34: Calymene (?)


Am pus un semn de intrebare deoarece nu sunt 100% sigur de gen, insa cred ca Calymene este genul de trilobit prezentat azi. Ochii mari, pigidiul (“coada”) mai mica decat toracele, glabela convexa (glabela este acea portiune dintre ochi) a cefalonului, precum si cele 13 segmente toracale si 6 pigidiale par sa-mi sustina determinarea. Acest trilobit este raspandit din Silurian pana in Devonian si este raspindit in intreaga lume.

calymene_eyes2 segments2

I put a question mark about the genra because I am not 100% sure about it. But the large eyes, the tail smaller than the head, the convex glabela of the cephalon, the 13 segments of the thorax and the 6 of the pygidium (“tail”) make apretty good case. It is found worldwide and is atributted to the Silurian-Devonian times.

With the Elrathia kingii these two trilobites are among the most valuable items of the museum!

© Copyright LiftingShadows 2008 (for the images)


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