Item#35: Haliotis asinum


In imagini este prezentat un exemplar de Haliotis asinum, o molusca denumita popular “ureche de mare”. Trasatura distinctiva sunt perforatiile cochiliei prin care este eliminata apa preluata de organism cu ajutorul cililor de pe branhii. O alta trasatura deosebita este fata interna a cochiliei care este sidefata, iridiscenta, conferind proprietati decorative cochiliei.


Here you can see Haliotis asinum, a mollusc also called “sea ear”. The distinctive features are the holes of the shell. The waters is driven into the mantle by the cilia of the gills, then up the gills and out through this perforations. The inside of the shell is peraly,  so the shell is used for decoration.

striuri orificii

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