Este stupid sa crezi ca universul acesta este produsul legilor (naturale) care actioneaza in el. Este ca si cum ai spune ca ochelarii au fost construiti de legile opticii de care tine seama proiectul lor si in limita carora isi au utilitatea.

It is rather stupid to think that this universe is the product of the natural laws acting in it. It is like saying that your glasses were made by the laws of optics they make use of.

by me.

Item#40: Melc japonez/ Japan sea conch

conch japanshell

Cochilia este adusa din Japonia (nu personal) si apartine unui melc de apa sarata. Ar putea apartine genului Strombus, dar nu pot spune sigur.

This conch is brought from Japan and belongs to a salt sea snail. It ma be Strombus but I am not sure.

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