Me & Neal Morse!

Neal Morse made my day!

I just got into Neal Morse` s latest album – LIFELINE. The special edition is really cool as is contains extra pages with photos and track commentary of the artist himself. If you did not get this by now, you should! Special edition prog albums are awesome!

Last year I (almost accidentaly) discovered that Neal Morse & familly will be having two concerts in Budapast, HU. So we went to hear them in February. You can read here about the 2 day. As I collect music cds, I took what I had and bought there what I was missing and took this photo after comming back home with all these autographed by Neal.

So, as you can see, my photo is right there in Neal`s album official artwork! Yeah, that`s my pic! It is so great that the artist used it for the extended artwork. Thanks Neal! I am really happy and honored that my cd collection is presented on your album! Can`t wait to see you again!

nealbooklet lifelinedetail

11 thoughts on “Me & Neal Morse!

  1. That’s great that he did that… I just discovered his music a month ago, and am getting into it…ESPECIALLY track #6 – So Many Roads.

    To me, that track is a work of art, and Mike’s drumming, licks and fills are incredible. I can’t seem to get enough of it !


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