Ahead of NewScientist

Sunday I was asking these questions. To my surprise, yesterday morning I discovered that New Scientist is also baffled about some strange features of our solar system:

How was the solar system built?

Why are the sun and moon the same size in the sky?

Where do comets come from?

Is the solar system unique?

WELL, I will not address in detail (at least not now) all the questions but I will emphasize this: the New Scientist editors are wrong! How do they answer? Like this: “if looking for Planet X is difficult, spotting the Oort cloud is a nightmare.” The Oort cloud is a non-existent structure that was made up by secular scientist to explain away the evidence: comets are not old heavenly bodies and they are not “produced” de novo! There are not any new comets.

“It is all thanks to a striking coincidence.” No, it is all thanks to a mind that intelligently designed all the cosmos in order to have this special place that we call “home” – Planet Earth.

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