Earth Hour: Shutdown

OK, so everybody is in for the “Earth Hour”. This 28 March the “switch off” frenzy of the light between 8:30 and 9:30 has conquered everyone – from little schoolboys to politicians. I have nothing against it; it is great to reduce the pressure upon the environment. But what a propaganda! Do you think that it is such a great thing to turn off the lights for one hour and then go back to those incandescent bulbs? Will you be a better environmentalist than me, who will not stay in the dark like in the middle ages, but who takes the paper to one of the only two places where paper can be collected separately (in a neighborhood of a few tens of thousands of people!!!), collects separately PET and switches off water when shaving or tooth brushing? No, you’re just having a motif. And what a lousy and poor campaign of raising awareness has the Romanian version of Discovery, or something, has been promoting ( you can learn what crimes have you made in 2008 – according to them,  I have killed some animals and left hundreds (or thousands) of people run out of water. But can you live without water, without bathing (there’s the middle ages again)? You must brainwash children by talking of murders, just as consumption was a crime? Awareness must be well argued, real things must be talked and eco-friendly solutions must be given!

If you switch off and have no idea what to do here are some tips.

So here is my alternative version of the “earth-day”:

Shutdown your body shutdown your skin.

Shutdown your kisses shutdown within.

Shutdown your feelings shutdown your tongue.

Shutdown your dreaming mind shutdown your love.

Shutdown your anger shutdown your precious time.

Shutdown you loser shutdown your little mind.

Shutdown your letters shutdown your voice.

Shutdown your phone calls shutout the noise.

Shutdown the freezone shutdown your breath.

Shutdown your hormones wild shutdown your sex.

Shutdown your anger shutdown your precious time.

Shutdown you loser shutdown your little mind.

Lyrics by Steven Wilson

3 thoughts on “Earth Hour: Shutdown

  1. Well, for an eco-friendly guy, you sound too harsh. I think it’s something good that Romanians are finally aware of something – anything! and we as a nation take part in something like that. I’m not too optimistic, but as long as you are aware of a little something there are strong chances that you become aware of other important things. At my job we also recycle paper and since we’ve started this, I’m way more careful with what / how much I need / use.
    And I already know what I’m doing on Sat. night, but hey, thanks for the tips 😀

  2. Thanks for the comment. But why do you say I am too harsh? Don’t get me wrong, I did not say that this is a “bad” thing. I am promoting it!

    You say yourself that you’re not too optimistic. Well then you should be firm. My point is: the “positive” thing that one is doing by switching off for an hour an incandescent bulb, is nothing compared to the “negative” thing which is letting them burn for years. People are not willing to learn. [cu binisorul] And I can prove I am right: the EU will ban incandescent light bulbs with 2012! Because the producers and consumers did not want to change their ways, the European Parliament will regulate this! Is that harsh or what?! 😀

    We also recycle paper by using the clean side of a faulty paper. And if u collect it, what do you do with it? There are no bring centers and there is no separate collection on paper! If you do not take is to an economical agent then the paper you want to recycle will end up… in the garbage, it will never be recycled. Will people learn to collect separately when there will be an infrastructure? NO! They will do it only when there will be fines and when they will understand that if the collect it separately they will pay less money!

    And about the descopera-action, excuse me! It is a crime to go and wash your car in a fresh forest creek or throw a used battery in a lake! But is no crime to take showers or flush toilets! And they say about the meat thing! Is not like I eat lemur meat! I eat cow, and if they would really want to rise awareness and make a difference they would be pro-cow consumption because it is said that cows have a great role in the global warming issue. So if descopera were eco, they would say – eat cow! [Of course, I do not blame cows for global warming but that s another story!]

  3. I have no idea where they take the paper. But I’m pretty sure they take it somewhere. 🙂
    And yes, we do collect paper separately. And yes, we use the clean side of a used sheet. Oh, I feel so much eco! 🙂
    Have a nice w-end!

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