Flowers of the day

Just wanted to share with you the beauty that lies in the plant kingdom. The added value of beauty (in the eyes of the human beholder) is a clue to a intelligent and beautiful Creator. Evolution cannot be held accountable for beauty nor must we relax our reasoning thinking that its purpose was beauty in the end for humans to admire.

3 thoughts on “Flowers of the day

  1. foarte frumoase florile, mai ales cele din prima si a cincea poza [nu cunosc denumirea lor]! si imi place ca ai facut pozele asa de aproape si in cea cu creatura verde asa de bine se vad nervurile frunzei! lovely!:), poate ii shod, dar imi place fontul ala pe care care l’ai folosit la semnatura ta pentru ca asa se scrie in ‘alice in tara minunilor’. cel putin, eu asa m’am gandit de mai demult..:)

  2. :))
    alea sunt papucul doamnei, Cypripedium calceolus (o specie de orhidee) destul de rare si protejate de lege.

    unfortunately the blue one is actually a violet-ish one, but that is how the imaged came out. still is beautiful 🙂

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