Derek Sherinian – Molecular Heinosity

Derek Sherinian – Molecular Heinosity

Lansat pe 23 martie 2009
Track Listing

1. Antarctica (5:26)
2. Ascension (2:14)
3. Primal Eleven (7:56)
4. Wings Of Insanity (3:50)
5. Frozen By Fire (5:21)
6. The Lone Spaniard (3:08)
7. Molecular Intro (1:03)
8. Molecular Heinosity (3:28)
9. So Far Gone (7:24)

Total time 39:50

– Derek Sherinian / Keyboards
– Zakk Wylde / Vocals, Guitar (4,9)
– Taka Minamono / Guitars (6,7,8)
– Brett Garsed / Guitars (1-3)
– Rusty Cooley / Guitars (5)
– Tony Franklin / Fretless Bass (6,9)
– Rob Mules / Bass (4,5,7,8)
– Jimmy Johson / Bass (1-3)
– Virgil Donati / Drums (1-3)
– Brian Tichy / Drums (4,5,8,9)
– Tina Guo / Cello (6,9)

Casa de discuri
InsideOut MUSIC

If you followed Derek Sherinian’s career after leaving Dream Theater you will not be very surprised with this under 40 minute release. It does not bring much novelty to his music, except maybe the many contributions of new musicians. The music throughout the album is very metal-oriented, with powerful riffs and great drumming, especially from old-timer Virgil Donati. The solos are very virtuous from each player especially the guitar parts. But, I have to say it again, the music in not something of a very new inspiration, I have the feeling I heard it all before, except maybe track intro to Molecular Heinosity.

Wings Of Insanity is a more mellow track, could be the “ballad” of this album, although there are some jazzy sounds in some other songs too. For me, Zakk Wylde’s vocals are really annoying, so is hard for me to listen  again to that song, although his guitars’ playing is awesome.

Rating: 3,5/10

* The rating obviously exaggerated down wards, but the feel of redundancy just got on my nerves.