New Dinosaurs Species

Three new dinosaur species were discovered in Australia, mid-cretaceous rocks, with reconstruction images recently publish in the CC on-line journal PLoS One. The reptiles` names are Diamantinasaurus matildae, Wintonotitan wattsi, and Australovenator wintonensis – and can be seen below respectively (images not relative size to each other).

Source: PLoSOne

8 thoughts on “New Dinosaurs Species

  1. As a Christian that I understand you are, how do you view, the existence of dinosaurs on Earth? Do you take the Bible by word or do you believe in the Earth’s Evolution ? I’ve heard many answers so far, but I always find most appealing a Christian’s point of view to this matter.

  2. First of all, it is to say that the Bible is not a science text book. But if it is written by God, then it has authority in all the domains of life.
    Second, there is still confusion in what a species is. Added to that, it is known that in paleontology is always more important to name a new species than to find an old one so the history shows many cases when the same fossil was given two different names (eg Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus are in fact the same species).

    Therefore, I do nor see a contradiction between the Bible and the existence of dinosaurs. I want to point out the the term “dinosaur” was invented only in 1842 by Richard Owen from the Greek words deinos and saurus. So, no wonder that you wont find this word in the Bible. Plus, Genesis does not say that God has created every species but He created kinds that developed into all sort of animals, but this is not an ameoba-to-man evolution, only a variation within the same kind.

    What do you mean by Earth evolution? If the geomorphology of the Earth has change over time? Yes, I believe that has happened.

  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I truly appreciate it. What I was thinking of when I asked the question was that science obviously contradicts the scholars and theologians when it comes to the Age of the Earth. It is generally accepted that our planet is around 4.5 billion years (now, more or less), but if you go by the Bible you see that everything was done in 6 days, and if you do the math it’s not more than a couple thousand years since that happened.
    There are many who state that the creation passage in the Bible is more of a metaphor, so the simple minded people who lived 6000 years ago could comprehend the beginning of all things.
    I was simply interested in your own personal belief, since I dare believe you have one.

  4. 1. The Bible does not state anywhere an age of the Earth, it does not make an approximation, nor does it makes an issue of it. For the Bible it seems that it simply does not matter “how old” is the Earth.
    Genesis does not say how much time (in years or otherwise) have passed since the initial moment of Creation until the Flood for example, although it summaries the lifespans of the patriarchs.
    Nowhere in Genesis it is stated that the genealogies are complete, we have some examples that they are not.
    2. Although we might consider that people 6000 years ago were “simple minded”, that it is not the case. We have archaeological proofs for that. Plus, the Jewish cosmology does not sound simple to me.
    3. The Bible states that the Creation took place “in six” days but different scholars and theologians consider the days as long periods of time, or that the days were not in a row, etc, hence the many views upon the age of the Earth between creationists.

    On a more personal note,
    – even if the genealogies in Genesis are not complete, I cannot fit there billions of years
    – I do not calculate the age of the Earth from the Bible, because it has no instructions (or direct methodologies) to do that
    – I am skeptical about the principles behind the radiometric dating that are used for calculating the age of rocks
    – there is a question to be addressed: Is verse one in Genesis the beginning of the first day of the Creation week?

  5. Thank you again 🙂

    you can reach so many aspects when you deal with a subject as such. still it is kind of awesome how you can figure out your own truth about a certain matter since no one can tell for sure what’s the real truth beyond the scene.

    looking forward to seeing other interesting topics.

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