Jean Luc Ponty Chronicle

Jean Luc Ponty and Band were playing for the first time in Bucharest and I think they may have been expecting a larger audience. The “Sala Palatului” was not full, maybe two thirds of the seats were taken. The crowd was a bit silent for the first half of hour of the show but they let the band go only after an encore and a standing ovation.

This concert can be put on the same level as Mike Stern’s and Band performance from Cluj-Napoca back in 2006. If not even higher. I like fusion, I love the violin. This was a perfect combination for a jazz-fusion great night that seemed to go a full circle: fusion first -jazz in the middle- and fusion again in the end. The show began with some recent compositions, jazz-fusion style, then the band played some more jazzy sounds and I think the climax of the show (or at least one of them) was the sublime solo from Jean Luc Ponty –  it felt like a classical composition. [On one track the new-age influence was obvious.] The band ended in awesome fusion style a gig that lasted for two full hours!  This was maybe for me the most virtuous concert ever. And remembering what a friend of mine has said, that a concert is not a real concert if it has no drum solo (which is of course not so) – well, this one had two drum solos! So even to some “stranger” standards this was an amazing night.

The Band: William Lecomte (keys/ piano), Guy Akwa Nsangue (bass – see a solo here) and Pierre François Dufour (drums – see the first solo below).

Rating: 9/10

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