Kevin Moore: Shine

Release date: 8th October 2010

01. Shine Intro

02. Window Theme
03. Departures
04. Uyku
05. Arrivals
06. Graveyard View
07. Hypnogogic
08. Mosquito Dream
09. Korkma
10. Zeki Cycle
11. Hypnopompic
12. Bulutlar
13. Mezar Isimleri
14. Lights Out
15. Sh
16. Çıkmak
17. Shine

Total time 41:10


– Kevin Moore / all music written and performed by
– Bige Akdeniz / Vocals
Label: Self Released

Hearing this album for the first time made me whisper: “I missed this!”. The general impression is that of a emotional-thriller ambiance and it is somewhat similar to Ghost Book but also made me think of GMH. The tone is that of a “sad sad movie”. Overall, the compositions are beautifully simple, some very short, giving you the desire to keep listening them over and over again. Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. It can be said that the songs of the album are highly emotional and incredibly melodic. There are also some noise influences on and other bright minimalist soundscapes. I so missed Kevin’s piano and keys playing!

Shine is of course the most beautiful song of the album, and the fact that Shine intro opens the disc -just to closed it later- makes this masterpiece a circular album. The female voice is so silky and fits in perfectly. Window theme reminds me of good old Kevin in his Chroma Key moods. Uyku is an alert composition filled with suspans, mystery and pressure. There are a few very short songs which fill in the album and round the clear/obscure atmosphere. Korkma is a longer song and it is more elaborated while Zeki Cycle is the one that reminded me of GMH. Lightout is a more dramatic and dynamic song.

A few years ago while living in Istanbul, I wrote and recorded a soundtrack for a film called Kucuk Kiyamet (“Little Apocalypse“), a kind of supernatural, post-traumatic drama centered on Turkey’s recent earthquakes. The film was nominated for some Turkish Film Critics Association (SİYAD) awards, including one for the soundtrack. However, the soundtrack CD was never released in Turkey as planned, so I would like to self-release it.

Kevin Moore

Rating: 10/10

248 copies through kickstarter project, but extra copies can still be ordered from Kevin. There are some 1.000 signed copies to order from here.

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