play in one act

The Girl [distraught]: What was that all about?

The Boy: Nothing…

The Girl [incisively]: How come nothing? I think it was something! Why did you say those words to me?

The Boy [hesitant]: Because…

The Girl: Yes, because….

The Boy [whispering]: Because I’m secretly in love with you. [and smiles]

The Girl: What?! You don’t even know me! [self confident]

The Boy: Define knowledge.

The Girl [thinking]: I don’t know right now… but I know I cannot love someone without knowing him. You have to be together, to do things together.

The Boy: You mean just like we are doing now? I think knowledge has a lot to do with love and vice versa. Think about poetry. Let’s say you know a poem. You may love that poem. Or what it is about. You would not have to know it all to love it. Maybe you would know only a verse. Like under our steps shells and elytra are crushing. And going further, you wouldn’t even have to know a word from it. You just know that somewhere there is a poem that is waiting for you to inspire you. And you love it. You are my poem and I am discovering you right know. The way I love you is like writing poetry. It does not need “knowledge”. At least not the kind of knowledge people think of. But the knowledge of the essences, the knowledge of the heart.