24 de expresii ale solitudinii

One of the biggest tragedies of the postmodern individual is loneliness. The human heart bears an empty space that seems very hard to fill, if ever. We live on a small and insignificant dott in a vast universe that seems to have no life beside us. On the blue planet resources become lesser while the population grew to seven billion. And still, as individuals we fell lonely. What is this human desire that drains our life? Why do we feel so alone?

Mirona Radu tries to give an answer throughout photography: she presents a few instances of solitude. It is a self-imposed solitude, an opportunity to meditate. Whatever is the answer of the artist to her question, “how can we get our redemption”, we cannot find salvation within ourselves.

The exhibition is presented at the Art Museum, in an event that is part of TIFF 2013.

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