Pride and concrete

Following Romania’s accession in the EU in 2007, citizens of Romania became citizens of EU. One of the major things that happend then was the massive departure of Romanians in countries like Italy and Spain to work. Actually, the immigration of Romanian labour force (mainly from rural areas) happened long before, after the Revolution in December1989.

Photographer Petruţ Călinescu has witnessed in the passed few years major socio-economic changes in Romania, esspecially in the Northern part of the country – in Oaşului Area, Maramureş and Bucovina. People from traditional villages have left their birthplaces and went to work in Spain, France or Italy. The money they earned got to be invested in big concrete buildings, left unhabited or habited only by the old ones or the children. Old carriges can be seen right next to Ferrari supercars on the streets of the village. All that concrete comes also in contradiction with the old craftmanship in wood Maramureş people are so well known for: a tradition seems to be dying. And the pride to build huge concrete houses seems to be in vain. About the project:

Photos by (c) LiftingShadows, 2013.

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