I love these Time Machine lyrics

Night time falls on my empire
Stars like pearls shine bright
Your smile like gold lights my desire
Staring at your eyes make me feel
Like I’m born again in silver dawn
Like loving life again
Summer storm on my emotions
Your eyes like midnight stars
Winter breeze on my hot passion
Watching you by far gives me thrill
And brings me back to daylight’s blinding sheen
Like a tempest on the sea
Like a fire in the wind
Like the white of fallen snow
Like the blue of summer skies
Once again I hold your hand
Once again I trust in you
Once again I’m here to say I believe again
And only time will tell if Love can be denied
I believe again, I believe

Publicatiile “Natura2000 in Romania

Cele 3 publicatii realizate in cadrul campaniei nationale de constientizare InfoNatura2000 sunt disponibile si on-line in format pdf. la urmatoarele adrese: 

Items #48-50: Echinoid fossils

Three examples of echinoid fossils from my museum; the determination was done by me.

1. Heliophora sp. – from a Miocene standstone formation in Northern-Africa. This species is now excinct.


2. Scutella sp.  – Oligocene to Lower Miocene of the Mediterranean region.


3. Mepygurus depressus – Callovian, Middle Jurassic of Madagascar

The photos can be used provided the source is acknowledged.

Fara cuvinte

Artist: Ileana Surducan (illustrator)

Lives in: Cluj-Napoca


I. Fără cuvinte (Without words) – personal exhibition @ Cărtureşti Bookstore, Cluj-Napoca, 27/07/2013

The stories are named as follows: Inside out, Last year memories, Hide and seek, The crows, Little Mermaid, The search.

All photos by LiftingShadows (c)  2012

A.R.T. is a personal project which promotes young Romanian artists and offers a glimpse of their work.