convergenta despre singuratate

Ioan Es. Pop

În acest decor, nici personajele, nici gesturile lor

nu sunt reale. reală e numai singurătatea lor.

Nichita Stănescu

Ne diferim unii de alții prin viteză.

Ne este comună numai singurătatea.


On loneliness:

1. In this setting, nor the characters, nor their gestures

are real. their loneliness alone is real.

2. We are different from each other by our speed.

Loneliness is what we have in common.

Ceramics in Cluj

The first edition of the Cluj International Ceramics Biennale is taking place in Cluj from 8 October to 3rd November. Cluj International Ceramics Biennale is the first contemporary ceramics biennale organized in Romania, and is aiming to become an international meeting place for ceramic artists. CICB 2013 is organized by Ceramart Foundation, Ceramics Now Association and the County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Cluj, with the support of the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca.

Some images are shown below from the Romanian ceramic artists exhibition at Casa Matei Gallery, the Pottery fair in Unirii square and The International Competition of the biennale from the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum. Also, in the Unirii square you can get lost in the wooden labyrinth with Romanian folclore and nice paintings.

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