Artist: Kero (street artist)

Lives in: Cluj-Napoca


1. Cluj-Napoca (graffiti) – for Coolt urban, 09/08/2014

2. Wall (graffiti) – for Samsara

All photos by LiftingShadows (c)  2014

A.R.T. is a personal project which promotes young Romanian artists and offers a glimpse of their work.


Biertan is probably the most famous fortified church in Transylvania. It was a surprise for me to count from Cisnădie towards Biertan at least ten fortified churches. One of the most spectacular was that from Pelişor, Sibiu, also acompaigned by a castle. Returnig to Biertan, I was amazed by the size of the curch. There are still around 65 people (germans) that are members in this curch but only about 20 can move. The curch is used for the sermons once a month and the pipe organ is functional.


You can see below the evangelical church from Avrig bulit in the 13th century in romanic style. It was burned during the 13th centuries, the tower metal clock given by Samuel von Brukenthal was stoled and then found. The pipe organ in the church was bulit in the 1800’s and it is still functional.


This last picture is from the baroque park of the summer Palace of Samuel von Brukenthal. The Palace was built using Schonbrunn as model. It is now left in degradation, except the orangery which functions as a restaurant.


Ajutor pentru sinistrati

Dupa cum ai vazut, inundatiile au lovit 251 de localitati din 11 judete. Mii de oameni sunt disperati, multi dintre ei au pierdut toata agoniseala de o viata si dorm impreuna cu copiii prin centre comunitare si scoli.

Impreuna cu Focus am pornit la Prima TV campania de strangere de fonduri „Raspuns la Dezastru”, prin care incercam sa venim in sprijinul cat mai multor oameni. Printr-un SMS la 8825 se pot dona 2 euro in sprijinul sinistratilor.Numarul este valabil in toate retelele (Vodafone, Orange si Cosmote).

Spotul campaniei


Cu banii obtinuti vom putea oferi asistenta tehnica, kituri de interventie, vom putea face reparatii sau reconstrui casele distruse.

Iti multumim frumos.

Cel mai mic gest ajuta acum un om in suferinta

Habitat for Humanity România este una dintre cele mai importante organizații din România în domeniul locuirii sociale. Viziunea sa este o lume în care toți oamenii au posibilitatea să locuiască decent.  

Prin programul Răspuns la Dezastre, Habitat for Humanity România a ajutat, până în acest moment, peste 20.000 de persoane din zece județe.

Up Negoiu

This was my first time to climb the Negoiu Peak in Fagaras Mountains. It is said that these are one of the hardest and rockiest, as it can be seen below. We had our base camp in the closest village there, Cartisoara where the pension was fair and we have bio dairy products to use. The road up to Balea Lake was fast in my view, around 40 minutes – we had the chance to see also lambs taking over the road. The pace of the hike was a bit fast for me as we left Balea at 8:15 and reached Negoiu at 13:00. The landscapes were breath taking, the path technical, with cliffs all around.


I loved the view from Laitelu Peak (2.390 m) with Lespezi Peak (2.517 m) on the left, Caltun Peak (2.485 m) on the right and the amazing Caltun galciar lake at the base. From here we climbed on Negoiu (2.535m – second highest in Romania) using the Devil’s Gorge (Strunga Dracului), difficult but doable. My feet were almost done here so the chains were crucial help. We did not stay for long beacause clouds were gathering – they got use later and gave one of the hardest showers ever accompaigned hailstone.