Paris bistros in Llosa’s book, The Bad Girl

From some kind of strange perspective this book might pretend to be a meta-narrative of postbelic world. It covers a wide range of social movements and paradigm shifts in culture. It takes you through chic Paris, hippie London, mysterious Tokio. And all the action has a framework of the vastness of South American world.

Regarding the love story this seems also a tentative to introduce Ricardito-Otilita in the gallery of “The great couples of histroy”. The bad girl’s apparitions in the poor guy’s life are so implausible that one might actually believe it. Her repetitive apparitions are like hyper-reincarnations during one lifetime.

I was of course fascinated by all the bistros and restaurants of Paris and checked them all out. As you can find out, there is life after Les Deux Magots. (Sorry if I missed one or two.)

Les Deux Magots – Cafe literaire  Louis Aragon, Andre Gide, Jacques Prevert, Ernst Hemingway, Andre Breton, JP Sartre

La Coupole  Brassai, Picasso, Aragon, Breton, Simon de Beauvoir, Samuel Beckett, Marc Chagall, Jean cocteau, Albert Camus

Chez Allard

Chez Eux

La Rhumerie Martiniquais – Saint Germnain Des Pres

La Procope  – Voltaire, Rousseau, Beaumarchais, Balzac, Hugo, Verlaine

Closerie des Lilas

Photos by the restaurants or wikipedia, CC Rating of the book: 9/10