We need respect for the Human being

I did not get to see Stockholm at TIFF last year (the movie eventually  won the festival) and I wanted to wait to see it on big screen. This happend yesterday and it was worth to wait. The movie is somewhat minimalist, with only two actors, good conversation, great music soundscapes and an intriguing resolution. You can actuallly foresee the ending from about the moment on the couch when the girl tries to say something dark about herself and her unhappy past. But that does not happen. But then there are the pills.

I could not really say what is the Director’s intention – with all the postmodern conditions – but this is what the film said to me: we live in the world of no true respect to human rights and desires; there are no morals that individuals respect; hedonism is what drives our egocentristic society; sexual immorality is one of the majore impulses of the young generation. He is only interested to satisfy his desires, he does what he wants without thinking about the consequences of his actions. She is lonely and unloved. It is impossible to me not to think of Blackfield’s song about our generation…

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