Je suis vivant [poheme]

atunci vom fi doar noi doi în camera goală

vom tăcea şi ne vom auzi inimile batând, pompând sângele în fiinţa ta plapândă şi delicată

păi şi-atunci ce să facă în timp ce tu taci?

nimic care să perturbe echilibrul de a o privi. în suflet.

oricum, nu-mi pot închipui cum ar trebui să fie ea ca să te îndrăgosteşti.

cum ar trebui să fie?

să fie lumină!


play in one act

The Girl [distraught]: What was that all about?

The Boy: Nothing…

The Girl [incisively]: How come nothing? I think it was something! Why did you say those words to me?

The Boy [hesitant]: Because…

The Girl: Yes, because….

The Boy [whispering]: Because I’m secretly in love with you. [and smiles]

The Girl: What?! You don’t even know me! [self confident]

The Boy: Define knowledge.

The Girl [thinking]: I don’t know right now… but I know I cannot love someone without knowing him. You have to be together, to do things together.

The Boy: You mean just like we are doing now? I think knowledge has a lot to do with love and vice versa. Think about poetry. Let’s say you know a poem. You may love that poem. Or what it is about. You would not have to know it all to love it. Maybe you would know only a verse. Like under our steps shells and elytra are crushing. And going further, you wouldn’t even have to know a word from it. You just know that somewhere there is a poem that is waiting for you to inspire you. And you love it. You are my poem and I am discovering you right know. The way I love you is like writing poetry. It does not need “knowledge”. At least not the kind of knowledge people think of. But the knowledge of the essences, the knowledge of the heart.

Eu si Confucius

Personajele: Conficius, Domnişoara şi Eu.

Acţiunea se petrece la data de 15 octombrie 2011 în scuarul Unirii din Cluj-Napoca.

Scena I

Actul I

O domnişoară frumos îmbrăcată îndeamnă trecătorii să extragă dintr-o urnă bileţele cu mesajele lui Confucius către aceştia.

Domnişoara: Luaţi un bilet ca să vedeţi ce are să vă spună Confucius.

Eu: De unde mă cunoaşte Confucius ca să aibă ceva să-mi spună?

Domnişoara: Confucius cunoaşte pe toată lumea.

Eu: Confucius nu mă cunoaşte. Eu însă am citit despre el. Aşa că eu aş putea să spun ceva despre el.

Domnişoara: El e pretudindeni.

Eu: De unde ştiţi?

Domnişoara: …


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Poem: Graveyard Page

I glanced inside

all I could see was a revolving empty sphere

all its edges were scratching my soul and unravelling a lost dream

pale colours, shades, broken memories, faded footsteps and frozen fears,

dead leaves

but only one clear luminous face.

I felt it so strong that it burned – it hurt my retina

I do not remember whose it is

all I know is that I wanna fall in love with life    again.

Saturday, January 22, 2005 11:06 AM

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