Cambridge is for me one of the most beautiful places in the UK. The first three pictures below show the marvelous Downing College founded by the one who bulit 10 Downing Street, Sir George Downing. The architecture is classical and has been kept so durning the developments and refurbishments that have taken place during the centuries. Notice the beautiful pink and yellow tones of the sandstone. What you see below is the Anglican chapel and on the right the access to my room. 😀 The college has beautiful lawns that are accesible only to the Master and fellows. But on the padoc everyone is welcomed. I loved the big open green spaces and the silence of the afternoon.

This is the inside view of the Pembroke College, the St. John’s chapel and Trinity chapel. Trinity College is well know for being the biggest royal college, for its student Sir Isaac Newton and for the court race presented in the film Chariots of Fire.

Here you have a back view of the King’s College with the chapel on the left. It is unusual because of its foundation of only 1 m. On the lower part of the photo you can see the punters on the river Cam. Then, Our Lady church. And the second most famous building in Cambridge, the Round Church. There are only four of them in the UK and this was built in the XIIth century. You deserve a bunch of sweets. 🙂

What say you after seeing all this?

I would say that:

Glorious and happy times for Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is NOT retiring! He still carries on! He won’t be Lucasian Professor of Mathematics anymore but Director of research at Cambridge. He is working on the quantum creation of the universe and the rapid inflation theory.

Great slideshow with his voice on the BBC site. You must see it!