Response to an atheist


I was browsing through an atheist forum and saw this signature “God loves me so much that He will leave me burn in hell if I don`t obey Him” (my strikethrough + I do not remember if the capitols were present 🙂 )

I would say that God respects your freewill so much that even though He gave His only born Son to die for your sins, He will not force you to love Him. Or consider His sacrifice. Your sincere love means the world to Him.

Why I skipped “Xmas”!


yeah… I know, is already a cliche to say that Christmas is not “what it used to be”. To say that it has become something artificial, a celebration of consumerism. The supermarkets are packed with people, people buying anything… I remembered what Daniel (POS) says “the magic really … Don’t come with a Mercedes Benz, Or a wide screen showing nothing, Showing nothing…”.

anyways, I remembered what a friend has told me when seeing me skipping “X-mas”. she said that I take out the most important thing from Christmas, and that is Christ. I have done that subconsciously but she was right. We deleted Christ and substituted Him with … whatever, you name it. An X.

so I skipped X-mas and I had a wonderful CHRIST-mas.