ART: Laura Partin

Artist: Laura Partin (graphics)

Lives in: Iaşi


I. Anxociety –  Stickers, Cluj-Napoca central area, 08/06/2010

All photos by LiftingShadows (c) 2010

A.R.T. is a personal project which promotes young Romanian artists and offers a glimpse of their work. 

ART: a new category

New category: ART (Romanian Young Artists). It may not present only young and Romanian artists, but hey! that/s what I thought of last night.

Am introdus o nouă categorie: ART (Artişti Români Tineri). Nu ştiu dacă vor fi numai români şi numai tineri dar aşa mi-a venit să-i zic noaptea trecută pe la 1:00 am.