Panda diet

A panda bear goes into a bar and orders some food and a drink. After finishing the dish takes out a machine gun and makes a mess out of the place. Then turns around and heads for the door. The bartender asks the giant panda:

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, I am a panda. What do you think? Look it up in the dictionary!”

The bartender takes out a small pocket dictionary and reads: Giant Panda – black and white furred mammal form Asian bamboo forests; eats shoots and leaves.

=)))))) Just thought this is hilarious! Taken from Laurie Rozakis’ book.

Brown Bear cub

This is my first “encounter” with bears in the wild. It is a mother bear and her cub foraging for food near the forest end. Tips for you:

– do not get out of the car (if you are in one)

– do not go close to the wild animals

do not feed the bears

– do not stress the bears by taking pictures or trying to make “movies” (a snapshot should be enough)

– do not encourage other to take a particular route “just to see bears”.