dordeduh – dar de duh

dordeduh have finally released their debut album after a pretty long wait. Their first product, Valea omului vinyl EP was ready two years before, in 2010. But the wait has worth every second.

Jind de tronuri (Yearning for thrones) is the name of the first song: what a masterpieces, 16 minutes of pure brilliance and creativity. This is one of the best openers I have ever heard, a fantastic epic song. The intro part of the first song is just a teaser of what will unleash later. The voices blended into a dark choir and create a very obscure ambient, I feel like going into a mystic cave. So after almost three minutes a voice lets us know the “the first gift was silence”. What comes next is a great arrangement in regard of the rhythm section, good guitars and percussion and a very traditional Transylvanian feeling due to the use of traditional instruments. A progressive register all in all and a very inspired traditional Romanian folkloric insertion at the end of the song. I’ll just reply this song and get on with the review.  🙂

Flacararii and E-an-na are the next two songs, with nice keys and good drum and guitar playing. Some goold old style black metal sounds here and there. Sometimes clear voices. E-an-na is a much softer play. Calea rotilor de foc (The path of Wheels on fire) is a stronger and much darker composition. Amazing black metal sounds. Very powerful, sometimes it seems that a millipede is behind the drums, one of the best tracks on this masterpiece album. Pandarul (along with Zuh) is my favorite piece from the album in terms of bass playing. Also there are some very good hard riffs on this one. The sounds of pipes (reminding a bit of OM album), accompaigned by the crystal clear keys, add to the natural flow of the song. After Cumpat, Dojana (which has an official video) superbly closes the album. The track has a particular beauty due to the use of the bucium and other traditional Romanian instruments.

Rating: 10/10