Item#11 Coprolit/ “Dino dung”

coprolit.jpg partea-slefuita.jpg

Coprolitele (excremente fosilizate) dovedesc că îngroparea s-a petrecut repede, într-un mediu anoxic. Cu alte cuvinte, sunt dovada unui eveniment catastrofic. Coprolitul din imagine aparţine unei specii de dinozaur.

Zoom on the lustered surface.

Coprolites (fossil dung) all speak of rapid burial in an oxygen-free environment. In other words, are the proof for a catastrophic event. This coprolite is of an unknown dinosaur species.

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New hadrosaur species discovered!


A new hadrosaur species was discovered in Mexico City. The scientist named the new creature Velafrons coahuilensis. Its name means “forehead with sails” due to its obvious skull features (vela=sails, frons=forhead).

The sedimentary layers in which the remains of the animal were buried were thick and their characteristics indicate something of the enormous magnitude of watery catastrophe (flood geology).