Evolution in action

I recall that in 2005 I used the 1.47 Mb floppy at work for a while, flash disks just were not available. In 2007 my sister bought a digital camera and I got here a 2 Gb memory card. Right at the end of last year, in 2008, I bought a microSD memory card of 4 Gb. So you can see bellow that the storage size has gone smaller but with a tremendous capacity. Under the picture I made some transformation in order to compare the amout of information stored on the smaller and smaller support. [If I have mistaken, the it people please correct me] So there ya have it: EVOLUTION IN ACTION! :))

0.001435546875 GB = 1, 47 MB = 1.440 KB

2 GB = 2048 MB = 2.097.152 KB

4 GB = 4096 MB = 4.194. 304 KB