Steven Wilson’ s INSURGENTES

I know, there is a so-called “deluxe edition” of Insurgentes. But let’ s face it: this is also a deluxe edition. Otherwise, what would you call this?! [The special  limited 2000 copies edition could be a ultra-deluxe edition]. What I particularly love is the included postcard, a surreal image from harmony korine video.

My “Top 5” Albums for 2008!

As I did for 2007, keeping the tradition, here is my Top 5 for 2008:

1. Steven Wilson – Insurgentes

2. Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun [reissue, cd, dvd-a, bonus, super jewel case]

3. Neal Morse – Lifeline [lim. ed. on its way from AmazonUK… hopefully]

4. Karmakanic – Who’s the Boss in the Factory

5. Dream Theater – Chaos in Motion [2 dvd + 3 cd… and more]

Insu, Lightbulb photos by DavidG