New “fossil” rodent found

The kha-nyou, as it is known locally, was trapped by an expedition in May. Experts say the kha-nyou [“fossil” rock rat] can trace its line to a rodent family that initial studies had suggested became extinct more than 11 million years ago. It`s scientifical name is Laonastes aenigmamus.

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It seems to me that whenever a found disturbes the phylogeny of an established familly, strange conclusions are drawn. To me the facts are quite simple: this creature prooves that it coped succesfully with environmental changes during the last “11 million years” … if it had not done that it would have certainly become extinct.

So, every new found will be chategorised as a ~living fossil~ just for the heck of it? Is this some kind of marketing strategy? Because after all, all living creatures could be named living fossils.