Lucrurile cele mai simple te pot face sa mori de fericire

Ca sa fii fericit ai nevoie de martori. Daca nu prin intermediul privirii, daca nu prin atingere, daca nu prin prezenta, atunci macar prin absenta. Odata era cat pe ce sa ma prinzi, abia am reusit sa fug in pridvor. Dar tu m-ai vazut si ai inceput sa imi arunci ciulini in par. Atunci m-am suparat pe tine dar acum ce n-as da sa-mi mai arunci ciulini in par!

Si dimineata in fata lavoarului simt un fel de fericire stupida la vederea celor doua periute de dinti ale noastre in acelasi paharel. Stau asa, incrucisate si se privesc una pe alta. Lucrurile cele mai simple te pot face sa mori de fericire.

Atheist on love

The UK is probably one of the most secular countries in Europe and it is a place where atheist “stood out” in media. The Guardian has launched a challenge to them to express atheism in their own words.

One thing that always surprises and disgusts me about so-called christians is their willingness to hate those who have different beliefs than they; those with other faiths or (especially) no faith at all. If “god is love” then why are his followers so hateful and hate-filled? Of course, “christian love” may perhaps be demonstrated by Orwellian acts of cruelty and violence towards the beloved?

First question: is the comment about “real” Christians or about the “so-called”? In this case what follows is not relevant. We all agree.

The willingness to hate. Since man was created in God’s image and since man has sinned it is quite logical that man is corrupted. Hatred is part of (fallen) man’s nature.

Christians do not really hate those who have different believes. That is why they do charity work in Africa, India, etc. The statement is false!

It is hard to believe that someone has no faith at all. I am not saying religious faith.

God is love; that is correct. His followers are not. His followers are not god and are not love. They sometimes step outside God’s love and guess what’s there?


Response to an atheist


I was browsing through an atheist forum and saw this signature “God loves me so much that He will leave me burn in hell if I don`t obey Him” (my strikethrough + I do not remember if the capitols were present 🙂 )

I would say that God respects your freewill so much that even though He gave His only born Son to die for your sins, He will not force you to love Him. Or consider His sacrifice. Your sincere love means the world to Him.

The “before Christmas” INPUT

aren`t they cool? 😀 KevMo RULZ!

This year`s “before Christmas” input are: FREE (sp ed) and GHOST BOOK [2 of each].
you know, it is some adrenaline in buying new stuff… especially prog. but it tends to decrease in intensity if experienced too often and that is why I try to compensate by buying rarely 🙂

a Touch of Poetry, as follows 😛

… I was feeling that it was all gone now, feeling kinda lonely and wondering if I cud handle a bigger wave. I mean I have a simple life, after all. And most important I am free! Once, home was good in our town, but now I d be better if I d go. It was the same old war and everything was kicking inside me. I had the idea to set it on fire but then I just remained calm. `I wish you were more communicant with me… I m sure you will in the end... when you re ready. I ll wait for you…`


ps – again the postal company (posta romana) has proved it s limits. its services really SUCK!!