Darwin 200

For many, next year is “Darwin year”. On the 12 of February 2009 is the celebration of the great naturalist`s 200th birthday and on the 24 of November 2009 is the celebration of 150 years from the publication of the Origin of species.

This new blog-page will contain information about events dedicated to the aniversary year, news,  specials and comments.

So be sure to check it from time to time if you are interested on the subject: https://liftingshadows.wordpress.com/darwin-200/

Could this be a way of the “GOD Of LOVE”?

This chick was pushed out of its nest by its brothers and/or sisters in the “struggle for life”. This is the way natural selections works our days; only the fittest survives and has the chance to give further its genes.

But could this be the process used by GOD? By a personal and loving God? I am refering here to “theistic evolution”, i.e. God used natural selection and mutations (=neodarwinism) to create.

I could agree that natural selection makes use of horible processes only to reveal beauty in the end. But not in God`s world, maybe in ours. He needs nothing between Him and His creation, no intermediary “creator” agent to do His job, at the expense of His Own image. So I cannot see how a scene like this could have taken place in the perfect nature God created. But how could a process like natural selection could have been “tamed” before the Fall? I cannot think of a response… can you?