Neal Morse: Testimony 2 in Budapest

On the 11th of June 2011 in Budapest I have seen the best progressive rock concert ever. I used to say that Neal Morse is the best progressive music composer in the world: but now I think he’s better.

The venue: Diesel club – in what seemed to be one of the suburbs of Budapest. It was a small place but the sound was good and there was no smoke inside. The place was not overcrowded but the public was from the quality area. J I do not think Neal was disappointed with us.


The show: This was the best show ever; the people in the Diesel club must have been the most inspired ones from Hungary. The band played for over three hours although this was the fifth gig in a row with no brake day. But none of the players looked tired to me. They had so much energy, so much precision and they displayed so high skills.

Neal Morse was of course the heart of the show. Fabulous keyboard playing and mind blowing guitar solos. I knew him master of the keys but man! I have never seen him play the guitar like this. He was a god – and if you think that’s heretic check out psalm 82. Neal had so many joyful moments on the stage: when he sang true joy could be read from his face. He put his heart in every line his singing was such a powerful testimony. But also when the others play he blended in so well and was really enjoying the music, the good prog. It was a thrill seeing him so passionate about music. Where do you get all that energy Neal?


Colin Leijenaar. His drumming was awesome: the powerful style, good rhythm and amazing skill. Seeing him play made me think that he really burns slow music.

Kristoffer Gildenlow was a great presence in this set. He completed the great rhythm section and I think he was exactly what a bass player should be: not very visible on the scene but essential to a good performance.

Paul Bielatowicz. His guitar was a thrill to listen. Great technical skills, good vibe on the rhythm section and much emotion on the slower parts and solos.

Nathan Brenton was a good partner for Paul, as can be seen in the photo. He also played the cello.


Ben Mathot. He seemed to be a very talented violin player and really got the attention of the crowd in some moments.

Jessica Koomen. She had a good contribution to the rhythm section (tambourine) and had a nice voice. Great to hear so fine voices on the acapella part.

Ola Heden. I did not see him very much as he was placed in the rear of the scene, but I think he was responsible for those lovely fusion sounds.

So, if you could have come to Neal’s concert and did not, then it was one of your biggest misses. A fabulous band led but the greatest composer out there. Symphonic sound, awesome virtuous music, great progressive composition. Thank you Neal and God bless! Although this has just ended I already want to see you again.

Here’s a video I took:

Rating: 10/10