Evergrey in Cluj-Napoca, RO

The band’s performance was really incredible, with raw power and virtuosity being displayed. I would like to remark Jonas, Tom and Jari. The venue, I think, was quite small for this show and the sound engineers could have done better. The band was really nice to the public by singing stuff and taking pictures with everyone, which means they were delighted to play here.

This pictures were taken during the great EVERGREY show in Cluj-Napoca on the 24th of September 2009. All rights reserved.

Rating: 8,5/10

Coma divine

I just got this new edition of Porcupine Tree’ s most acclaimed live performance to the date: Coma divine, recorded in Rome, during three live sesions in 1997. I thought that maybe someone could be interested to hear an opinion on the package. So here is mine: it is really a luxurious edition – it is a hard-back digi-book with an 8 page booklet [the paper 160 grams, it seems]. This edition is (c) and (p) in 2007, Kscope Music. The package is brand new, kscope 130. The recording is the July 2002 remasterd work. Worth every penny!

Item#34: Calymene (?)


Am pus un semn de intrebare deoarece nu sunt 100% sigur de gen, insa cred ca Calymene este genul de trilobit prezentat azi. Ochii mari, pigidiul (“coada”) mai mica decat toracele, glabela convexa (glabela este acea portiune dintre ochi) a cefalonului, precum si cele 13 segmente toracale si 6 pigidiale par sa-mi sustina determinarea. Acest trilobit este raspandit din Silurian pana in Devonian si este raspindit in intreaga lume.

calymene_eyes2 segments2

I put a question mark about the genra because I am not 100% sure about it. But the large eyes, the tail smaller than the head, the convex glabela of the cephalon, the 13 segments of the thorax and the 6 of the pygidium (“tail”) make apretty good case. It is found worldwide and is atributted to the Silurian-Devonian times.

With the Elrathia kingii these two trilobites are among the most valuable items of the museum!

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