Priority of the Autumn

With the help of the smart computerized system from eventim (which organizes the event) I managed to get my ticket for the PORCUPNE TREE show from Budapest, Hungary, 1st Nov. 2009. Only five months to go! 😀

But until then I wll enjoy the John Schlitt (former Petra singer) concerts in Cluj, Romania.


Earth Hour: Shutdown

OK, so everybody is in for the “Earth Hour”. This 28 March the “switch off” frenzy of the light between 8:30 and 9:30 has conquered everyone – from little schoolboys to politicians. I have nothing against it; it is great to reduce the pressure upon the environment. But what a propaganda! Do you think that it is such a great thing to turn off the lights for one hour and then go back to those incandescent bulbs? Will you be a better environmentalist than me, who will not stay in the dark like in the middle ages, but who takes the paper to one of the only two places where paper can be collected separately (in a neighborhood of a few tens of thousands of people!!!), collects separately PET and switches off water when shaving or tooth brushing? No, you’re just having a motif. And what a lousy and poor campaign of raising awareness has the Romanian version of Discovery, or something, has been promoting ( you can learn what crimes have you made in 2008 – according to them,  I have killed some animals and left hundreds (or thousands) of people run out of water. But can you live without water, without bathing (there’s the middle ages again)? You must brainwash children by talking of murders, just as consumption was a crime? Awareness must be well argued, real things must be talked and eco-friendly solutions must be given!

If you switch off and have no idea what to do here are some tips.

So here is my alternative version of the “earth-day”:

Shutdown your body shutdown your skin.

Shutdown your kisses shutdown within.

Shutdown your feelings shutdown your tongue.

Shutdown your dreaming mind shutdown your love.

Shutdown your anger shutdown your precious time.

Shutdown you loser shutdown your little mind.

Shutdown your letters shutdown your voice.

Shutdown your phone calls shutout the noise.

Shutdown the freezone shutdown your breath.

Shutdown your hormones wild shutdown your sex.

Shutdown your anger shutdown your precious time.

Shutdown you loser shutdown your little mind.

Lyrics by Steven Wilson